These are literally flights of fancies, things I think about a lot but honestly have no time to do/execute/make happen (yet).
  1. Curated newsletter for good screenplays
    So the gist is that it's a curated newsletter that sends out 1 excellent screenplay a month by an unknown writer to anyone who actually wants to read good scripts.
  2. Small-batch vegan cookie business
    I passed by this cool place today called 'The Stoop' and it's literally a bunch of kids selling vegan cookies out of their home. I would 100% want to do this because I really just want everyone to be able to have delicious, vegan, nut-free cookies.
  3. Weekly round-up of great long-form journalism on the Internet
    I love long-form essays/non-fiction writing on the Internet. It would be awesome to curate 5-6 of those a week & send them out to people who are also as interested as me.
  4. Blood-orange scented perfume
    Making a scent sounds like it would be super fun & blood oranges are DOPE so yes, this.
  5. Co-working space for part-time filmmakers
    It would be cool to have a co-working space for screenwriters who just want to hang around other writers. This is not for everyone. I know a lot of people who just like writing alone. I am not one of those people. I would much rather sit across the table from someone and write (and not speak to them at all.)
  6. Food blog about French fries
    I am obsessed with French fries. The concept of the blog would be me trying out French fries at every establishment in Los Angeles that has them. And then maybe also branching out to other cities, countries, etc.
  7. Pop-up brunches & dinners in Venice
    I would do zero cooking. Mike is an amazing cook & more people should experience his food. It would be maybe once every 3-4 months. I would organize & host it and invite 8-10 people. It would be like Wolvesmouth but more chill.
  8. An anonymous viral Twitter account
    This is seriously a dream of mine but I'm not sure what I would get out of this other than cool points.
  9. Film club
    I really want to bring back a group of people going to the movies together. We watch one movie a month. Would be so much fun.
  10. Make a drawing-a-day blog
    Because drawings are cool, as are blogs.
  11. Sell-one-thing-a-day blog
    Side hustles.