This trip has been very emotional for me.
  1. There's a sadness and loneliness that creeps in when I'm not with the people I love or working on projects I care deeply about.
    Is this what mortality feels like? Knowing you have limited time on this earth - is that the source of the sadness?
  2. Traveling in a new place gives this fresh perspective: that people of other cultures can be so different and yet fundamentally be the same.
    We all have the same basic needs. Cultures can be radically different but humans are humans.
  3. It can be challenging and/or nearly impossible to slow down and appreciate, but it's powerful.
    Walking around Mexico, I stopped to appreciate the art, architecture and even the people far more than I ever did when I'm back home. It made me ask: why am I moving so fast? Is this making me happy?
  4. We are all seeking connection.
    Whether it's face-to-face or through the Internet, people want to escape their loneliness.
  5. Travel can be hard on the body but good for the soul.
    My first day in Mexico was physically exhausting and emotionally frustrating. I wanted to head right back home. But now I'm very sad to leave; Guadalajara is such an incredible city in its food, architecture and culture. I will miss it.
  6. My loneliness does not go away, but I'm getting better at coping.
    To accept it, rather than fight it or avoid it or deny that it is there.
  7. "Happiness only real when shared"
    Is a quote from the film Into the Wild, when Christopher McCandless realizes, on the verge of death, that true happiness is found when sharing with other people. Based on a tragic true story of a young man who ventures into the Alaskan wilderness on his own. Solitude is absolutely important, but I've found myself most happy when sharing experiences with other people.
  8. A great traveling partner makes everything more awesome.
    Thanks to the incredible @finfer for dealing with my crazy on this trip.
  9. Home is home.
    Traveling out of country has given me a newfound appreciation for home. Yes, LA, which did not truly feel like home until this year, and has kicked my ass more times than I'd have liked, but I've found the people and places I love inside of it.