My battery is low, dudes. Suggest some places I should head for a weekend to recharge! Cc: @Nicholas @sophia @bjnovak
  1. Palm Springs
    We stayed at the Parker & had a lovely experience. If we were to go again, what else should we see or visit?
  2. Idyllwild!
    Suggested by @dev
  3. Big Sur! Joshua Tree!
    Suggested by @Grosstastic
  4. El Capitan canyon
    Just went there it was amazing!
    Suggested by @amyokuda
  5. Catalina Island
    Suggested by @13spencer
  6. I second Idyllwild!
    Suggested by @TaraJepson
  7. Ojai!
    Suggested by @TaraJepson
  8. Solvang!
    It's like Denmark in the middle of California. Near Santa Barbara.
    Suggested by @element75
  9. Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead
    Peaceful, fresh, cool air
    Suggested by @betsybasom
  10. San Luis Obispo
    Great wineries, low key.
    Suggested by @denesha
  11. 2nd for Solvang— visit the miniature horse farm along the way. Or at least read the 5-star Yelp reviews after people's minds were melted by cuteness.
    Suggested by @Elisa