What I fantasize about

In no particular order.
  1. Running away from LA for 6-9 months and only returning when I have a script
    I think LA is toxic to being an actual creative person but that's a whole other list - there's a sense of unhealthy competition and obsession with commerciality that I don't care for. To burrow away somewhere new and really develop something unique and untouched by LA's grubby hands is pretty enticing.
  2. Traveling the world with a lover
    Because the world is big and we are small and life is short.
  3. Having a real home
    Not an apartment, but a place I own, and preferably looks like this photo.
  4. Living in the Chateau
    This is probably more fun in theory than in practice but what a place! Also - in total contradiction with a previous point.
  5. Taking up photography seriously
    But only on film. Loved darkroom photography when I was younger and I miss that process.
  6. Returning to painting
    I have left painting for a solid four years - as many years as I studied it - and what I miss most is the immediate gratification of having created an art object that I don't get from writing.
  7. Cold winter mornings in warm sweaters
    Tumblr, you have ruined me. Occasionally I miss the cold, because I had an excuse to hibernate and burrow.
  8. This guy
    But I already have him so 👍🏾