What I Like Seeing in Lists & Want to See More Of

These are just a few of the things I particularly enjoy in lists!
  1. Tell me a story.
    I consider lists as a form of storytelling. Engage me from the get-go. Make me care & give me a reason to follow along. I don't care if it's the story of your first kiss or an origin story of your love of French fries - I want to care!
  2. Be clear & concise.
    Don't use more words than necessary. Treat your lists like an essay - edit your first draft before you publish!
  3. Make it personal.
    If it's a list of your favorite restaurants or hotels or vacation spots, insert yourself into these lists - tell me a memory, give me a reason for why you are perfectly suited in writing this list.
  4. Use photos!
    If it's a list where you can show what you're talking about, include high resolution photos! We are visual human beings and photos make us happy.
  5. Break the rules.
    Make a list that you've never seen before. Use our format to do something you haven't seen on any other social platform.
  6. Engage.
    Connect with the community here. Open lists are a great start - but what else can you do on here that you can't do anywhere else? I've been impressed by how tight-knit this community feels (AKA keep doing what you're doing!)
  7. Have fun.
    I love lists made out of sheer passion and enthusiasm. Consider all of what we do here as play - this is your sandbox. Build your castles & make some friends while you're at it :-)