Dear @bjnovak and @Nicholas, here is my List about why I want to work at @list!
  1. I love The List App and its community.
    In the very short period of time I've been using the app, I've found a tight-knit community of creative, quirky, insightful and funny Listers. I would love to cultivate and grow this community.
  2. I'm an excellent communicator and understand how to engage communities.
    With mailroom/agency experience, I quickly learned the importance of understanding and responding to client needs. On Twitter, I have 1,500 followers, mostly from the film/screenwriting communities. I ran a successful Kickstarter for a short film I wrote & directed, raising $24,000 from 275 backers in three days. I know how to leverage social media to engage with and include people.
  3. I'm a collaborator and team player.
    I successfully completed a feature-length film entitled "One Night" (featuring Anna Camp, Justin Chatwin, Isabelle Fuhrman and Kyle Allen) last fall, working with a fifty-person crew. As the writer/director, I was tasked with collaborating with department keys during pre-production, production and post process. I know how to motivate people & make sure that their needs/concerns are responded to while we work toward the same goal. The film is being submitted to festivals as we speak.
  4. I have a genuine passion for social media and technology.
    I love that technology can connect people and engage us in very human ways. I owe so many of my closest relationships to Twitter and feel that technology can and should find opportunities for us to feel & share those feelings. In just 3 days on The List App, I've made new friends and have already published several lists!
  5. I have experience in entertainment, media, publishing and journalism.
    I've worked for/with, in chronological order: Chicago Public Radio, The Yale Review, Hachette Book Group, ICM Partners, Scott Rudin, BermanBraun, UTA, and Smuggler. I have worked in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.
  6. I would love to live/work in Venice.
    I currently reside in Koreatown but I'm looking to move! Once @Nicholas told me that @list offices were located in Venice, I was sold (if I wasn't already.)
  7. I went to Yale but I'm not an asshole.
    I promise.
  8. Sincerely,
    Minhal Baig
  9. PS.
    To everyone else, feel free to re-list/like & help me win a job. UPDATE: this list is now trending! Thanks, guys.