Perhaps I'm purely projecting, but this is how you know you're a struggling writer.
  1. You hang out at Bourgeois Pig.
    You hope beyond hope you'll find some inspiration in this place even though the music is too loud, they crank up the AC to kick out laptop campers and Wi-Fi is limited to 90 minutes per overpriced drink/pastry.
  2. You read The Black List.
    But you're not on it because you spent all year procrastinating while your peers wrote brilliant screenplays.
  3. You go on a bunch of generals.
    Meeting all these execs sure is expensive but at least you get free water. Be nice to that assistant, he or she will be running a studio someday.
  4. You haven't made any money writing.
    But execs like your work and they like you so you keep Final Draft open on cafes to look like you're working.
  5. You & your friends lament the studio system.
    You rail against a system that you would readily join if offered the right amount of money!