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Songs Ive been obsessed with lately that I just can't help but blast whenever I'm driving. Some new, some old but gold.
  1. Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard
  2. Slow Ride - Sublime
  3. Irresistible remix - Fall Out Boys
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None of these are New Years resolutions cause I know I won't even try to do them so why bother. More pressure on myself will only make it seem less appealing.
  1. Drink more water
    It's good for your skin and your body, I know. But I'd still rather have that 450 calorie iced coffee from Starbucks that'll cost me the $5 I don't have than to drink water at the price of nothing. Sadly there's never any fun in having the things we need.
  2. Taking off my makeup at the end of each day
    At the end of the day, I just don't care for taking 5 minutes out of my night to take my makeup off so I can put all of this moisturizing anti wrinkle anti acne anti everything crap. I'll bitch about the texture and smoothness of my skin in the morning but for now, I just want to sleep.
  3. Stop eating Cheesecake Factory like dinners on a McDonald's budget
    Yeah yeah I know what you're thinking. Like most girls I dig fancy dinners but let's be real, who doesn't? Who doesn't like a nice sit down meal and good quality food you can't get through a drive? I'm still paying though.
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  1. Get a full sleeve
    Always loved and admired tattoos on others even though I currently don't have any. It's one of those few things in life where once you have it, it's yours & no one can take it away from you. It's yours, it's personal and it can't be replicated on someone else. Even if it was, it wouldn't be exactly the same and it wouldn't mean to them what yours means to you. As long as you don't get the infinity symbol or some birds flying of course. One things for sure though, I'd definitely get it in color.
  2. Double tongue piercing
    Just for the hell of it. I totally dig the way it looks and it'd just be one of those things I'd have only while young.
  3. Learn how to swim
    I love the beach but I'm terrified of being in the water. I can imagine getting dragged down by something, getting engulfed by the ocean and just washing away like I was never even there. My 5'1 self is a grain of salt compared to the ocean. It's also the fear of the unknown but maybe it'll change once I actually know how to swim.
  4. Skydive
    I've got a major fear of heights but like roller coasters, this is as an exception. This is something I'd do the day I'm looking for a real adrenaline rush and speeding at 100mph on the freeway just ain't doing it. Or if I already got a ticket or some jail time for speeding and can't risk doing it again. Whichever comes first.
  1. Eat
  2. See my boyfriend
  3. Getting a booty rub down from boyfriend and forehead kisses
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  1. Sunday Morning
    A classic. I listen to it just about every Sunday Morning and it's even better when rain is really falling outside. Such a soothing song.
  2. She Will Be Loved
    "Beauty queen of only 18, she had some trouble with herself"....need I say anymore?
  3. The Sun
    A song about moving on. So beautifully and cleverly written. None of that "I'm too good for you", "I didn't need you anyways", "I hate you" crap. Acknowledging the heartbreak he feels yet thankful for all the good times they've had. If only all of our exes could all be like that. The world would be such a better place.
  1. Grey's Anatomy
    Why not spend all my time in a shitty ass situation doing what I'm already doing? Instead of crying because I'm stranded on an island I can cry over all the people dying on Grey's @shondarhimes
  2. Arrow
    Maybe if I watched it enough times I could figure out how to get off the island like Oliver did. Perfect my skills of using a bow and arrow, become a straight badass killer who seeks vengeance on all those who do wrong. Make my way back home and be a savy business woman by day, a hero by night. A girl can dream.
  3. The Office
    Everything people working a professional job at an office shouldn't do, being done. What's not to love? @bjnovak
  1. Drink so much I couldn't make it back to the dorms
    I had to sit behind a bush for a couple of hours so my friend could go grab her wallet to get us a cab. Also got kicked out of a sorority house because I couldn't stop vomiting violently.
  2. Down 7 seconds worth of vodka.
    My piss smelled like vodka the next morning. Got in the shower and my skin reeked of vodka. Tried to eat ramen, tasted like vodka. Even my own saliva tasted like vodka. I was miserable for a good couple of hours. Never again.
  3. Hack my ex's Instagram/FB to delete all the pictures he had of us together
    To be fair, his new girl looks like me. And he never made it clear that he got a new girlfriend. He just continued the relationship status he had when we first got together and kept posting selfies of him and half of her face. I ended up getting texts from multiple friends asking me if we were back together. Embarrassing for me, himself and his new girl. BTW, you're more than welcome, ex and ex's new girl.
  1. From my ex best friend's mom when I was going through heartbreak
    "How do you know if that's the best love you'll ever have? You just think it is because he's the only love you've had but you have the rest of your life. Be prepared for the fact that you'll probably fall in love so many more times until you really meet the one."
  2. Feeling like I've fallen too far off track with school
    "A lot of people have fallen even further than you have, and just like them, you'll be fine."
  3. Making mistakes
    "We all make them. It's just a part of life and it's not something you should be kicking yourself in the ass for. You know what you did wrong, you apologized for it and you learned your lesson. You can't take it back but you were honest and you took full responsibility. That's not something everyone can do."
  1. Bradley Cooper
  2. Gerald Butler
  3. Matthew McConaughey
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