1. From my ex best friend's mom when I was going through heartbreak
    "How do you know if that's the best love you'll ever have? You just think it is because he's the only love you've had but you have the rest of your life. Be prepared for the fact that you'll probably fall in love so many more times until you really meet the one."
  2. Feeling like I've fallen too far off track with school
    "A lot of people have fallen even further than you have, and just like them, you'll be fine."
  3. Making mistakes
    "We all make them. It's just a part of life and it's not something you should be kicking yourself in the ass for. You know what you did wrong, you apologized for it and you learned your lesson. You can't take it back but you were honest and you took full responsibility. That's not something everyone can do."