Part of the "America Is Hard To See" exhibit
  1. "Free Radicals" by Len Lye
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    Amazing experimental animation film (3 min long)
  2. "In The Streets" by Helen Levitt
    Lovely 16min experimental documentary about Spanish Harlem in 1940's
  3. "The Artist and His Mother" by Arshille Gorky
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  4. Chiura Obata's woodblock watercolor series
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  5. "Winter Fields" by Andrew Wyeth
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    Compare and Contrast to his "Christina's World"
  6. Jacob Lawrence's "Wartime series"
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  7. "Quarantania" by Louis Bourgeouis
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    makes an impact after the WWI/ Great Depression galleries
  8. BONUS: "The Rose" by Jay Defeo is on the 6th floor through the end of October and I DEMAND you spend five minutes with it. I'll make another list about why it's so amazing later 💖
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