2015 is a year for happiness and crying. From most recent to furthest away:
  1. "The Desk Lamp Fiasco" cry
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    This week, my desk lamp broke in my dark cubicle and I took it as a sign from the universe that I am in the absolutely wrong place and that nothing is right.
  2. "Boy's phone was broken and I took it personally" cry
    Does this need a description?
  3. "The Invitation List" cry
    I was (partially) at fault for sending 200 invitations to a fancy dinner to people who shouldn't have been in invited.
  4. "I thought about moving to NYC for too long in one sitting" cry
    Adult life is hard and making three major life changes at once tends to fuel anxiety ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. "Babies & Puppies are Friends" cry
    I can't even remember why I was crying but this two hour YouTube marathon of watching babies and puppies hangout was the only thing keeping me from quitting my job via text message.
  6. "Harris Wittles" cry
    I absolutely did not know him personally but have spent hours and hours listening to him on podcasts. It is sad.
  7. "Break Up" cry
    A boy and I were dating and then we weren't.
  8. "I watched One Day" cry