I have not read/seen 50 shades of grey BUT I know how to read Wikipedia plot summaries.
  1. ...Baby One More Time
    Obvi the first bdsm scene
  2. (You Drive Me) Crazy
    During the montage of him giving her laptops and cars. It is a montage right? It should be.
  3. Sometimes
    When he's leaving Georgia after stalking her to her mothers house without invitation.
  4. Soda Pop
    There must be one scene where they're both happily enjoying each other's company in public... Right?
  5. Born to Make You Happy
    Played whenever Ana is making eye contact with Christian but not speaking.
  6. From The Bottom of My Broken Heart
    When she's walking away from him in the rain. Does that happen? It HAS to happen. This takes place in Seattle.
  7. I Will Be There
    He just sings this at the interview at the beginning of the movie and quotes it as a cute reminders like "come on over here// let me show how things should be"
  8. I Will Still Love You
    She sings this to him in an adorkable karaoke scene where he suddenly realizes he loves her too. Then he hits her I think?
  9. Thinkin' About You
    That scene where Ana leaves Christian lying on his bed and he stares up at his satin canopy bed wondering how he can get her to fall in love with him. This is a romcom right?
  10. E-mail My Heart
    It just plays as a ringtone every time they text
  11. The Beat Goes On