YUP. We both signed up for the same sketch writing class and this is the only social media I can vent on. Sorry 😐
  1. Text your best friend
    She lives on the east coast and is already asleep.
  2. Text your mom
    She lives on the east coast and is already asleep.
  3. Look into wig prices and start creating an alter ego
    He won't recognize me as Sierra the girl with a bright purple bowl cut.
  4. Consider dropping the class
    You got it for free since you work for the school and could always do next round.
  5. Yell the news to your roommate
    She'll spend the next hour staring at you everytime you sigh to make sure you aren't crying.
  6. Don't cry
    Crying is for the onion in your tofu scramble from earlier tonight.
  7. Overshare to strangers via an impulsive list
    And Internet friends are better than friend IRL
  8. Eat too many cheeze-its
    You earned it.
  9. Realize being funny is overrated and you can tolerate and admin support job for the next 50 years of your life
    You definitely didn't cry after your orientation upon hearing the phrase "You'd be surprised, 20 years here can go by fast!"
  10. Re-watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Sing along to Pinot Noir for good measure.
  11. ...comedy is a pretty rad life goal, you guess.
    You've only dreamt of doing this for ten years now.
  12. 😐😕😑😐😠😤😒😐😬😎✨🍕