For when I drag my friends to a museum and want to use references they definitely know as a stepping stone into weirder shit.
  1. Van Gogh: Proof that they already know art history 👂
  2. Picasso: Gets my foot in the door for anything remotely abstract that still has a narrative 👺
  3. Monet: When I'm explaining why the artist did 70 variations on the same subject 🌅
  4. Rothko: There doesn't have to be a narrative for it to be good. ⬛️
  5. Salvador Dali: Ex. Why institutions pay more attention to the counter-cultures now. 🌝
  6. Mondrian: Anything remotely related to minimalism. 🔳
  7. Marina Abramovic: Intro to performance art. (Thanks, Jay-Z) 💃