based on my first three days here
  1. 2am Walk Home Alone
    Hot garbage with a sweaty undertone and a hint of whatever scent most easily triggers your anxiety
  2. Bronx Home Depot
    Freshly cut wood with a paint undertone and a hint of surprisingly outstanding customer service
  3. Improv Show
    Smells like sweat, beer, and your favorite bakery from childhood to remind you of both happiness & deep-seated insecurities.
  4. Subway
    Pee and humidity. The smell of humidity. Plus same hint of the anxiety scent featured in 2am Walk Home because whatifImissmystop
  5. Air Conditioner
    Mint with a hint of ocean breeze. Also it has trouble fitting in your room so you have to use a garbage bag to fill the holes in the holder before lighting it.
  6. Pizza
    It smells like pizza.