"Scene's For A New Heritage" exhibit- Actually read the text involved with the piece and/or watch it for a few minutes without opening snapchat. (This list is personal opinions and not Moma-endorsed in any way)
  1. Me at the membership desk because I WORK HERE NOW
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  2. "Grosse Fatigue" by Camille Henrot
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    Watch all of it. This is going to become an important piece in terms of millennial video/net art 💖
  3. "Ash Wednesday" by Rivane Neuenschwander
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    It's charming and cute and reminds you over your own inevitable mortality in the face of capitalism.
  4. "Lament of the Images" by Alfredo Jaar
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    Read all three panels before walking into the light. Resist the urge to snapchat and feel the weight of the blindness imposed on us that we didn't even know existed.
  5. "Long March: Restart" by Feng Mengbo
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    okay fine join the #teens and take a selfie