1. 5/8/2015 - During my March visit, I was given four steps on how to move to New York by the cab driver back to JFK. I'm marking the dates each step was accomplished then publishing once complete.
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    As seen in the Best of Rachel's List App Lists buzzfeed post
  2. 6/27/2015 -"Just Move"
    Got on a plane in Oakland to Pittsburgh with a one way ticket
  3. 07/06/2015 - "Get a Job"
    Interning for a feminist art historian 2 days/week and freelance writing... Still looking for something a bit sturdier *hint**hint* BUT IM COUNTING THIS
  4. 05/15/2015 - "Find a Place to Live"
    Cousin saved the day immediately with a perf Manhattan apartment
  5. 07/11/2015 - "Now You're Here"
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