We dating but not "dating" if that makes sense and I asked him out on a date for Sunday. No response. His phone does not understand emojis. I'm exhausted.
  1. "excuse you"
  2. "Are you okay?"
  3. "nvm I meant to ask if you wanted to do something more casual. Cuz I'm casual too bb"
  4. "Sorry did you get my previous text? I know sms can be spotty!"
  5. *copy and paste and resend this mornings text*
  6. "💩 (that square you're seeing is a smiley poop face and it's you)"
  7. "omg lol my friend stole my phone and texted you that bahahahahahaha I don't like you even though we've been dating for two months now. I'm a cool girl."
  8. "oops sorry wrong person"