Almost done with week two and I think I've already peaked.
  1. Attending the Wet Hot American Summer premiere after tweeting to ask for a free t-shirt
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  2. Meeting Elena from Billy on the Street outside of the Wet Hot American Summer premiere
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  3. Seeing Judd Apatow at Whiplash at UCB
  4. Going to a Brooklyn Loft Rooftop Pool Party and having it live up to all stereotyped expectations
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  5. Interview at two of my top choices for job positions
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    Waiting to hear from both but feeling good about at least one
  6. Being subjected to a poorly executed performance art argument on the C Train
    The argument was the performance. Not about performance art.
  7. Sitting next to Jonah Hill in a cafe that was filled by fashion ppl
  8. Getting lost only ONCE on the subway so far