This is basically a day dream about living in Manhattan without burning through my bat mitzvah's saving bonds.
  1. I'll own a large dog aka Newfie/Lab mix.
    If I have the financial security to afford a dog, an apartment to hold the dog, and the day care for said dog... I must have won the lottery and been able to retire here.
  2. I'll live in a building with central air.
  3. I'll own a waffle iron without guilt.
    I refuse to max out my cc for a waffle iron and I refuse to buy it rather than save those $30 for an emergency lyft ride home from a 1am comedy show.
  4. I'll be so rich I'll continue doing things like ride the subway and shop at the bodega as to remain grounded.
  5. I'll casually eat a soft pretzel with mustard while dropping thousands of dollars on a museum membership.
    I have witnessed this happen and it was beautiful.
  6. I'll become a maid just for the pun.
    Bonus Points if I get Ralph Fiennes to fall in love with me