IT WAS FROM PIZZAIOLO IN OAKLAND AND I HAVE NO REGRETS (I don't know who Sharon is outside of my imagination)
  1. This is the magical toast.
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  2. Freshly Baked Oat Bread that used flour from the fields of the local co-ops backyard. It was hand milled at their Memorial Day BBQ as an instagrammable activity station for guests.
  3. Homemade Ricotta made with milk from Sharon's childhood pet cow in Petaluma.
  4. Salted (but not too salted) Almonds which were grown with doubly reclaimed water so they actually have decreased the California drought.
  5. Honey from Sharon's ex's hive. They didn't end on a good note due to Sharon's penchant for forgetting to invite him to burning man decompression parties but the local flowers are so tasty she can't stop buying the honey from him.
  6. A Drop of Essence of Pure Contentment