1. "Let's action this"
  2. "Can we touch base to ensure we're aligned?"
  3. "What are his asks?"
  4. "We'll discuss that in the upfront"
  5. "What are we executing against?"
  6. "I think there are some synergies here that we can exploit"
  7. "Let's make a couple 2x2's and define the low hanging fruit"
  8. "The optics aren't great"
  9. "My Q2 goal is to increase my visibility"
  10. "He's blue sky, I'm more tactical"
  11. "I'm afraid our culture is getting diluted. We need another offsite"
  12. "Do we have a wearables strategy for BOP?"
  13. "I'm not interested in emerging markets or ROW"
  14. "the funnel doesn't look good"