1. Mac and cheese made from Baby Bells stolen from work
  2. A Costco jar of pepperoncini and then I run my tongue underneath the tap as I tear up and salivate from the heat
  3. A quart of milk two days from expiration date. I'm afraid of becoming lactose intolerant if I stop.
  4. Two pies. A savory one and a sweet one. Homemade. Plus little pie crust cookies I made.
  5. Two meals worth of pasta. Dinner plus tomorrow's lunch. Eaten bit by bit till there's not enough for a second meal
  6. An entire cabbage
  7. A watermelon
  8. Five pounds of cherry tomatoes from my garden, picked while crawling through the overgrown bushes
  9. Organic goat whey protein shakes with goji berries, while watching The Good Wife