1. I love it. I want it.
  2. Would it bark if I stole it?
  3. Would it find its way home if I stole it, and tell its owners where I live?
  4. I bet it's expensive to have a dog
  5. What if it eats some of my food?
  6. I saw a cute dog in the street in India once. That dog is probably less spoiled
  7. Maybe this dog has cancer. Or needs to go to the dentist. That sounds expensive.
  8. That Indian dog wouldn't get cancer.
  9. Maybe I should have a baby instead. That's like the same amount of work and money as a dog.
  10. I should probably have a baby.
  11. Something cuddly is probably fine. I have a Gund Moon Bear stuffed animal in a plastic bin somewhere. I'll find that or have a baby.