1. Stop sagging your pants. You're not in prison, therefore we don't need to know your available for gay sex.
  2. Speaking proper English does not mean you're trying to be White.
  3. Nigger and or Nigga are not endearments. Please stop addressing each other as such. Both words are degrading. Know your history, many Black people died because of the word.
  4. Stop addressing Black women as Bitches and Whores. Remember, your mother is a woman--honor her and all women.
  5. Strive for greatness. Mediocrity and living paycheck to paycheck, or no check, just won't cut it.
  6. Develop leadership skills that make you standout. Don't exhibit stereotypical characteristics that make you get pushed further down.
  7. An Educated Black man with a solid career/job, is highly admired and attractive to any woman. Have you ever wondered why there's an increase in the number of Black women dating and marrying White men?
  8. Show a level of sophistication. It elevates your class and adoration.
  9. Learn impeccable social skills. They will get you in the right place, every time.