Love Is...

  1. The thing that can break your heart but also mend it.
  2. The thing that can make you do stupid stuff-- no matter how smart you think you are.
  3. The thing that can conquer hate but most of us don't try it.
  4. The thing that can get you on an emotional roller coaster and you don't want to get off.
  5. Is the key to happiness, but you may lock yourself into a bad relationship.
  6. A beautiful thing, when its reciprocal.
  7. The emotion that can take you to the highest high, and up from the lowest low.
  8. Separated by a very thin line, on which the opposite side is hate.
  9. Totally free.
  10. Always there for the taking, and ready to be shared.
  11. What we need to prevent and end wars.