I had pants that are two different legs
  1. My friend and I got manic pixie'D at the same time by friends
    Her dude clung to her then his friend clung to me we were concerned
  2. We kissed each other
    She was like "we basically dated in high school" and I was like you're not wrong
  3. I got drunker than I thought
    The guy I was with kept spitting I think he might have spit in my mouth? Idk tho
  4. That first drink we got had Midori AND cucumber vodka
    It honestly was disgusting
  5. The guy who was into me paid for two of our drinks
    Mostly for his friend but it was great
  6. I made out with him for said drinks
    Honestly I don't feel shame he kept biting so I was like whatever alright
  7. I was definitely fucking drunk at one point
    That Midori drink was awful but once I shook my head it fucked me up
  8. I realized maybe I am a bit more lady gay than I thought
  9. I understand my friend more and absolutely love her
  10. Tonight was good, the emo tunes were on point
  11. I'm glad I went out
    I can't say that often unless Zelda's involved