Food Court Chronicles

I work in a mall
  1. Where's that kid going
  2. Like....seriously where
  3. This guy wait he's selling Chanel hoodies
  4. But had nothing like a hoodie in his hand like...ok
  5. I think I have the Splenda lemonade
  6. Where is my friend I could be halfway home by now
  7. The kid is on the run again
  8. I think the parents want him to get kidnapped
  9. This couple keeps looking at me like I'm very sad
  10. I wonder if I truly look very sad
  11. At least three restaurants are playing ratchet music
  12. Which is fine but even with the "clean" version you can tell what's being said
  13. Like someone was bumping migos
    That feels slightly wrong I mean I'll beat the pussy up too but how does that change the vibe of my pretzel
  14. Awkward run in with someone I used to work with sweeeet