By the same person lol
  1. It was like generally ok
    He was all "oh you can't just walk in and out of lives" blah blah
  2. Like he seemed like he cared and was hurt
    Not that I wanted him to be hurt, it just becomes more important later
  3. So he says his bit and I start crying
    I go into my rebuttal it was like a fucking debate
  4. So he says "sometimes a friendship has an expiration date, in that case you just have to enjoy it while it works, and if it keeps going keep it going but if it ends let it go"
  5. Now let me outline the three other times this guy has broken my heart
  6. It was Christmas '14
    I was alone and didn't realize that I don't handle that well so I asked him to say something terrible to me so we could be done
  7. What he chose to say was awful
    I try to hard to be Marla singer and I'm odd In a bad way and I have nothing to offer socially
  8. The second time was months after that
  9. He told me he ignored my texts on purpose
    I didn't realize what Was off about me but I knew something was wrong because while I got that people had lives I still didn't handle not getting replies well but I told myself "he's got a life it's fine" only to find out it wasn't
  10. The third time was two days ago
    I called him told him that I felt off not talking to him and he hung up on me
  11. So all of that and what he declared about friendhsip
    I was crying and that was fine I realized we probably should let it go
  12. He knows me as someone who isn't positive so for him I tried
    You were great, congrats on the girlfriend and apartment
  13. Tell me why this son of a bitch goes
  14. "I was terrible I'm a sociopath"
    L m a ooookk
  15. And he just tried so hard to convince me he didn't Care
    He only lives with his girlfriend cuz it makes sense from a money standpoint, she hogs he bed
  16. And I've just realized that this person that I gave my entire heart and my soul and my everything fucking ridiculous
  17. The only reason I count it as a heartbreak is because my chest felt hollow before the sociopath thing
  18. Long story short: good riddance