Er...shout out to @olive because they're the reason I know a thirst princess is in me and also their list about mean old men was enlightening. Also sorry.
  1. So this list is essentially people that I have very confusing emotions for
    I'm generally pretty ace so I'm always shocked and confused when attraction happens?
  2. Christian Slater
    He was great in his prime, borderline delicious now. He could use my mouth as an ash tray and I would still be dumbfounded and say something stupid like "thank you I loved you in Gleaming the Cube"
  3. Roman Reigns
    I once told my friend he could rip me in half and use both ends as masturbating sleeves? That day was a blur
  4. Chris Evans
    Dicks gross me out but I'm sure his is essentially a bomb pop and just yikes yiiiiikes
  5. Vincent Cassel
    I just really want him to yell at my for something dumb like just get I my face screaming about how I dropped a glass as he shakes me vigorously sigh
  6. Daniel Craig
    I vomited on myself just looking up this picture, you know that scene in fight club where tyler gets his blood all over Lou? Yeppp.
  7. Sebastian Stan
    Just wear me like the winter soldier's arm like
  8. Jonny Lee Miller
    He could murder me, throw my body in a dumpster, frame my best friend for the crime, and walk away the hero who saved me and I'd be cheering him on in the afterlife
  9. Jason Momoa
    He could trample me with a horse and I'd still climb him like a tree