I've officially decided I'm not going to be a parent

Kids are the only thing I've been certain of for a long time but I think I need to let the idea go
  1. It seems that parents are inherently awful to their kids
  2. There's this misconception that kids have to be there for their parents and not the other way around
  3. That kids need to do everything for their parents and support their parents but all the parent has to do is the bare minimum to not go to jail and the kid should be happy
  4. I don't believe that but I don't want to be the parent that falls into it
  5. I don't want to be the parent that tells my child that they don't want to see me succeed because I'M not doing what I should be doing
  6. If I have kids I want to be kind to them and only instill good in them and build them up
  7. But I'm just too broken for that and I won't be able to fix it
  8. So rather than try to learn from everyone around me's mistakes I just won't do it
  9. I won't bring a kid into the world just to bully them