Pt. 2 (even though I'm not in the airport just yet)
  1. I'm in Baltimore
    So of course hairspray is stuck in my head
  2. I have a good like hour and a half until my next flight
    I hate connections
  3. I didn't realize how much I dislike the idea of sweatpants until just now
    Like comfort is wonderful but it makes me think of not showering. Because I had a boyfriend that always wore sweatpants because he didn't shower. That relationship always shows its scars 😖
  4. I love the weird flat escalator thingies
  5. I don't remember how layovers work
  6. Baltimore has a nice airport
  7. The charging dock thing is so iffy oh no
    You'd think that would mean I'd stop using my phone but HA jokes on you
  8. There was a brooks brothers in this joint
    I'm way confused about it but ok
  9. Also I think I got food too early cuz there's more stuff than i thought and I regret my food
    Well not regret. I got Arby's but now I see so many optionssss
  10. I want to take a nap
  11. This little girl has on this kitten leggings good lord I want to be her
  12. The chick next to me has a box of cereal in her carry on
    I want to be her too
  13. Root beer was a bad choice
    Repeat: root beer was a bad choice
  14. This dude just stared real hard in my face
  15. Updates soon, if I don't get murdered by stare-y guy