Also cannot be explained it's just stuff that makes me want. Want what exactly? Who the fuck knows
  1. Please Be Naked by the 1975
    I tried to explain how the song makes me feel earlier and I could say was that I feel
  2. Nude by Radiohead
    It makes me want to cry in this really big unexplainable way, like when you've already been crying but you start crying for the universe
  3. Videotape by Radiohead
    Music is up to interpretation blah blah blah but I'm super sure this song is about dying and suicide so it's like this heavy weight on my chest when I hear it
  4. Bride and Groom by Andrew Huang
    It makes me feel like there's something more out there it's such a lame Harry Potter feeling like love is real and I'm in bed with light coming through the blinds
  5. Eternal Sunshine by Jhene Aiko
    I don't even know, I just start crying when I hear this song
  6. I feel like a weirdo for all this