I had so much fun crying over them the other day I figured "why not cry of your own accord"
  1. Would Oscar Isaac find this weird
    Like would he be like "so....you're reading stuff of me touching dicks with people.....ok..."
  2. Nooooot that I only read porn just sometimes you don't know what you're gonna get
    Fanfiction is less like chocolate and more like Bertie Bott's
  3. Why is there so much Kylo Ren/Rey stuff
    Is there something I'm missing?? It feels wrong like idk incest ships or like happy go lucky Hannibal and will
  4. Like why ship that when you can shop Poe Finn and Rey all together at once
    Like really think outside the box people
  5. I didn't know coffee shop AUs were still a thing
    How long have I been doing this with my life
  6. Am I going to read the coffee shop AU one?
    I feel like no but they mention an earl grey latte and I'm like into that idea because I know first hand they're delicious but I've
  7. I was about to lie out of my ass and say I've never read one
    It was a dark time, I shipped Stiles and Isaac for whatever reason, who was the barista? I don't remember
  8. I'm judging myself
    I don't need the beautiful baby Oscar Isaac to, I'm doing it for everyone involved I am garbage and I am sorry