I'm perpetually at full storage, so I've got some queries
  1. How many pictures is too many pictures?
    I delete about 90 every other day but I still don't have room so where did I go wrong what number was the beginning of the end
  2. Where does all the media between texts you saved go?
    I accidentally deleted texts from up to last September with someone and that cleared up a lot. I also just realize I must have lost all the audio messages I kept 😭
  3. Why can't I get rid of the shitty widgets
    I don't have an Apple Watch, what is find friends, I don't listen to podcasts...why do those have to take up space on my phone
  4. Why do the phones just keep everything
    The cloud is mysterious why'd I have a voicemail from like two years ago
  5. Can I delete Apple maps?
    It's clearly the worst of all map apps save me from the suffering
  6. Why does the phone act like my music is on it if it really isn't?
    I can't actually listen to the music that's on my phone so how is it takin up space? Hm Apple? HMMMM???
  7. Can I throw this stupid piece of shit in the garbage
    Because that's where it belongs
  8. Long story short
    Don't buy the iPhone 6