Inspired by @telisej because she has the best ideas
  1. Subterranean Homesick Alien
  2. Videotape
  3. Nude
  4. Wolf at the Door
  5. Myxamatosis
  6. Black Star
  7. Morning Bell/Amnesiac
  8. Pulk/pull Revolving Doors
  9. Motion Picture Soundtrack
    But the acoustic one with an extra verse 😍
  10. Creep
    The acoustic one, I know it's clicheeeeee
  11. Codex
  12. Sia's cover of Paranoid Android
    I'm being an asshole and totally counting this because A it's amazing and B technically still their song
  13. Fitter Happier
  14. Nice Dream
    It's taken me forever to realize just how much I love The Bends
  15. Weird Fishes/mother fuckin Arpeggi