The theme will be that they sound far away and ethereal and I'm just realizing I might be dissociating lightweight
  1. Sail To The Moon by radiohead
    I literally just listened to it and don't remember what my existence is, it led into backdrifts and I'm like what was I just doing
  2. She Lays Down by the 1975
    It sounds so far away and is kind of just sad??
  3. Cherry Wine by Hozier
    I kinda can't explain this one, and like I lightweight want to walk down the aisle to it because the guitar is SO NICE but like I blank out hardcore when I hear it
  4. Codex by Radiohead
    I think it's the piano but idk man
  5. Forever by HAIM but specifically the cover by James Bay
    This one is weird because I love his version of it but I can't concentrate when I hear it, I somehow miss half of it because I don't even know why
  6. I feel like I've reflected too much and I'm gonna stop this list now