Things I Love Intensely and Can't Explain

  1. Champagne supernova
    The reason for this list tbh because it just came on and I'm so??
  2. The smell of freezers
  3. Harley quinn
  4. Banana milkshakes
  5. Cartoon ghosts
    I have the cutest hand sanitizer holder and one tattooed on my hip
  6. Smelling like a manly tree
    Timber Old spice is amazing and I legitimately can't explain why I think that
    Why is this not number one now that I'm thinking about it
  8. Articles of clothing that come with a belt
    This is a weird phenomenon because I hate the too big belt loops but throw a belt on everything honestly
  9. Patterned shirts
    I have one covered in pineapples and it makes me feel like a dad and I love it
  10. Buttershots
    Butterscotch schnapps I mean idk man
  11. Movies about the music industry
  12. Tall ladies calling me terms of endearment
  13. Freckles actually
  14. Ohhhh high top sneakers