I'm in airports quite a bit these days
  1. First of all cute people need to stop frequenting them
    Sorry dude sitting next to me
  2. People are very forgiving of you taking snap filtered selfies
    Nary a head turned at the ridiculous face I just made
  3. Layovers are trash
    I'm sure I said that in one of these other lists
  4. Don't keep a deadpool pin in your bag with the back off
    You will stab yourself constantly
  5. Detroit's airport is noice
    I went into a body shop, there's a qdoba, there's 78 gates in one letter
  6. So many people have cute clothes
    I need to start asking people where they get their clothes
  7. I think cute guy next to me just heard me listening to hotline bling
    Listen. There's a reason here
  8. I should have played undertale
    Of course then cute guy would have not sat near me
  9. Having a cute person next to you is stressful tbh
  10. I keep coughing and it makes me feel like a freak
  11. Other than the white men who feel entitled there's like a weird camaraderie in airports
    It's like we're all suffering, I like it
  12. I feel like time and reality don't exist in airports
    They're just mystical lands filled with nonsense
  13. One day I'll go into an airport brooks brothers