Inspired by all things
  1. I'm Melanie. I'm 31 years old.
  2. I am currently unemployed (job offer pending) and am shacking up with my parents.
  3. My favorite thing to do is go to shows. My family MADE me join the band in middle school and I blame them for my love of music and they never make me feel bad for all the money I've spent on concerts & travel costs in doing these sorts of things.
    Oh hai, Joe Pug.
  4. Besides that, I'm just waiting on my sister and brother-in-law to procreate.
    I don't feel that I'll ever have children so... I want to be an auntie!!
  5. I am a cat lady.
  6. I am currently not happy with the Indiana Pacers but usually I am their biggest fan.
    That's Rodney Stuckey. He smelled really good, y'all.
  7. My current music obsessions are: Langhorne Slim, Joe Pug, Best Coast, and My Morning Jacket
    Langhorne & Joe pictured.
  8. I love taking road trips... Alone or with friends
    I once drove to Colorado alone to see the Avett Brothers at Red Rocks. Met this fellow Patriot there, in his banana hammock.
  9. I want to start my own food business but I'm too chicken shit to do it.
  10. When my Grandmother passed away, it damn near killed me.
    I miss her so fucking much.
  11. If I'm in town on the weekend, you'll most likely catch me at a bonfire.
    Last Saturday, a group of us sat around with a guitar and sang 90s ballads.
  12. If I'm out of town, I'm most likely in Indianapolis either seeing a live show, drinking margaritas in Fountain Square, or laying on my friend Bart's couch.
    Two of my besties with our alley muse after having margaritas for my 31st birthday.
  13. I not so secretly want to be a blonde.
    Hair goals.