It's been so long. Here's my boyfriend wish list.
  1. Funny
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    Looks fade. Wait a minute, actually, men get better with age. But to quote my favorite comedian, "Motherfuckers wanna laugh."
  2. Tall(er) than me
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    I'm 5'9" and have only dated one fella who was a tad bit taller. I'm semi-tall for a female and chubby - I want to be the little spoon sometime! Pic is Tyler Hansbrough 😍
  3. Hairy
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    Not a deal breaker but please have chest hair. If it's not possible, wear a merkin on your chest during our post-lovins cuddle sesh. 🙃
  4. Music Appreciator
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    I'm tired of going to shows alone. But you not liking the artist will not stop me from going alone. I want a teammate. A confidant. One that will go do things I enjoy. I promise to watch football or UFC or some other manly thing with you. I'll even make snacks!
  5. Must like Cats
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    Girl is 12 & Ollie is 7. They go where I go.
  6. Must like Food
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    If you merely "eat to live" get off of my lawn.
  7. Must like Road Trips
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    I like to drive & turn the music up loud & stop at ridiculous roadside attractions. I also like hotels. And finding ridic denim at baseball games.
  8. Must like Movies
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    I have this thing where I don't really watch movies. Someone make me watch movies with them please!! Donnie Darko is probably the last movie I watched. JK but I do miss a lot of fine cinema because I just won't do it alone.
  9. That's it. Bye! Call me. Err text me. Sext me?