It's been awhile. Hmm what's new?
  1. I'm in my new apartment.
    I love it so much. I've been here since August 12 and I still have several things to unpack. I only eat, sleep, and shit at home. Otherwise... I'm out!
  2. Things at the job site are going well.
  3. I'm obsessed with a dude 17 years my senior.
    We recently exchanged numbers & I'm having problems restraining myself. Must be smart about this, me. Use your brain not your ungodly urge to make out.
  4. I've seen & done so much since moving to Indy.
    I just got home from seeing Shovels and Rope at the Vogue. Last week was Beck and Lake Street Dive.
  5. Oh god I need to list about my experience with Jakob Dylan.
    I laughed. I cried. I sang One Headlight WITH him. Like me and him. Together.
  6. I wake up every morning thankful.
    Being unemployed for so long can really crush your self esteem.
  7. I've changed my sleeping habits.
    I now average an 8pm bedtime and wake up at 6am. Who am I?? I'm fucking old. I get up at 6, make a cup of coffee, and sit on my balcony with Orion's Belt as my company.
  8. I don't have cable.
    But I use my parents login for some channels on my Apple TV. I've always had cable. Weird but I'm poor.
  9. I'm poor because I bought Pacers season tickets.
    I feel really irresponsible but what can ya do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. And scene.