I've been watching since RHOBH overlapped right into the first episode. Here are my thoughts.
  1. I have a love / hate relationship with Kristen.
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    I couldn't stand her when we all found out she lied to Stassi. And cheated on Tom. Then she went straight to crazy town from there. Then when she dated James, I felt bad for him because she was obviously still obsessed with Tom.
  2. This season though, I've decided to cut her some slack.
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    Kristen and Tom were together for six years.... Six!! Then there was a camera crew around to capture the demise of their relationship. I probably would've went all single white female too.
  3. I'm not looking forward to Stassi's imminent return.
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    She was uber mean to Katie & Sheena. And she blew off anything Lisa was trying to help her with. Bitch, you crazy?
  4. I used to like Sheena.
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    Not anymore. She's holier than though and being a straight up lame friend to Arianna (sp).
  5. James and LaLa should run away together and never return to the show again.
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    I can see why they won't. James has that sexy accent and LaLa is gorgeous and can't resist any chance of putting her ta-ta's on display. Did y'all see them on WWHL? Worst episode ever.
  6. It pains me to see Jax still lying on camera when that camera catches everything.
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    His GF, Brittany, is a saint as far as I'm concerned. I dunno how she does it.
  7. I love Katie and I love Tom.
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    So glad they're finally engaged. YAY.
  8. How perfect is Arianna?
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    Pretty, smart, no-nonsense. LOVE HER. Even though I think I'm spelling her name wrong.
  9. My mom says I'm slowly killing off any remaining brain cells by watching this show BUT I DO NOT CARE.
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