Inspired by @ListPrompts // and I'm waiting on my mom to come pick me up from the local junior college
  1. I see you, dude with the jacked up pick up truck.
  2. I know you thought it might be difficult but since you took off your muffler or whatever it is that you do to your truck, I can hear you coming from miles away.
  3. I dated your type before. Attention seeking, most of the time drunk, country boy.
  4. At first, you're fun and spontaneous. Maybe even a little dangerous.
  5. But nope, you're no good. I know your type.
  6. And the fact that you've jacked up your truck to where I have to take a flying leap into it...
  7. And made it so loud, the entire town knows where you are...
  8. Just screams that you have a tiny dick. 🖕🏻