1. I'm closing out my 4th week at my new job.
    I really like the company a lot and my colleagues. I'm worried I'll never catch on in my position though. So many things I don't know.
  2. I'm living rent free in Indianapolis until August 12th.
    My friend, Dana, is a saint and deserves all the good things in life.
  3. My social calendar has no limits now!
    Friends, concerts, sporting events galore. One awesome perk of my new gig is that I've now sat in a suite twice for Indianapolis Indians games.
  4. I'm still not used to my new schedule (standard 8-5 office gig).
    This has led to me slacking on all the social medias.
  5. The traffic is getting to me.
    One small perk of small town living is being able to get to the other side of town in less than 10 minutes. Now it takes me 25 mins to get to work and 40 mins to get home.
  6. My commute will become 10 minutes in August though! YEAH
  7. Anyways, I've been processing feelings in my downtime too.
    Stuff I don't really want to address here. Some people are lame though and I question why I continually let them bother me.
  8. My beach vacation will be here before ya know it!
  9. I had a sex dream about a coworker. It was cool.
    I firmly believe that people know when you have a sex dream about them too. Which sucks.
  10. Anyways - life is great. Hope yours is too. 🔥
  11. P.S. I still haven't acquired any equity. 😂