Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. This isn't really a ghost story. Or is it?!
  2. My Great Aunt was psychic & a healer.
    Don't know what that has to do with anything but she made sure everyone knew that she was going to mess with them after she passed.
  3. Soon after my Great Aunt passed, the lights in my Grandmother's (her sister) bedroom would flicker.
    My Grandmother and I would say hi then discuss amongst ourselves better/less scary ways of letting someone know that you're around after you've passed.
  4. I asked my Grandmother to leave pennies instead of messing with the lights.
  5. She passed 5 years ago.
  6. I see pennies all the time. Most notably, I was moving and my entire rental was empty. I just vacuumed the room, turned around, and BAM, a shiny penny was right there.
    You know, in the area where I just made sure it was spotless. Hi Grandmother!
  7. My Granddaddy passed just two years later.
  8. His birthday is December 10th, and thinking about that recently, I also thought about how I haven't "heard" from him since.
  9. Shortly after that, I had the most lifelike dream that he came to visit me here at our house.
  10. I swear. It. Was. Real.
  11. He had a woman with him. Not my Grandmother. She didn't say a word. She just happily sat there while we hugged and chatted.
  12. Don't know why I'm getting into that. Anyway, after this dream, another penny showed up out of nowhere.
  13. I sat there and studied the floor, wondering how or why or when this penny ended up here.
  14. And thought to myself, "Who says all of the these pennies are from Grandmother? Maybe Granddaddy is leaving them too."
  15. Then I thought, "No. He would have to be different." Grandmother would say, "Jimmy, the pennies are mine. Find something else." "Nickels. I bet Granddaddy liked nickels."
  16. Then BAM, a nickel appeared right next to the penny. Hi Granddaddy! I miss you guys so much.
  17. *sniffle*