I had a good time this weekend.
  1. Drove to Evansville
  2. Picked up my friend, Evan
  3. Followed Mike and Jenny to Louisville
  4. Checked into the Airbnb
    Charming old house!
  5. Walked to a brewery
    I had a brew and roasted pecans that Evan picked up. Thanks duder!
  6. Übered to Iroquois Amphitheater where...
  8. Made friends with a security guy when I was casing the venue.
    I really, really like that venue.
  9. Drank several beers and danced. Thanks for the memories, MMJ!
  10. Post show bonfire action
  11. Bed
  12. Saturday, dropped all those peeps off at Churchill Downs
  13. Drove to Indianapolis
  14. Looked at an apartment
  15. Went to Fountain Square Folk Festival where I met up with my BFF Jess & Rachel
  16. Listened to Chicago Farmer
  17. Found coffee
  18. Listened to Charlie Parr
  19. Listened to Joe Pug
  20. Left festival and ate hella Greek food at Santorini's where we had the cutest waiter who kept winking at us
  21. Said goodbye to Rachel and Jess
  22. Drove back home
  23. Slept for 10 hours
  24. It was fun, everybody! Live music heals. Go get chu some.