Not sure where this originated from but thanks in advance for the idea! @biz ?
  1. Feelings
  2. Talking about feelings
  3. Acting on feelings
  4. First kisses
  5. Having to poop when you're far from home base
    It's not a good day until I poop and when it's thrown off I'm thrown off and I don't like to poop anywhere but home.
  6. The fear of leaving someone out
    PTSD from a failed friendship.
  7. Living with my parents
    They wake me up just by their pillow talk at 6am in the morning. So lame. Miss having my own place.
  8. Bumping into an old acquaintance
    Do I say hi? Shit, I don't want to make small talk. Damn it, we made eye contact. YES, just a smile and head nod, thank you for not making that awkward.
  9. When people ask me what I do for a living
    Nothing because I'm unemployed. Take your sympathy elsewhere. I never ask people this question.
  10. Small talk, period
    I'm not good at initiating small talk. I can take someone else's lead though most of the time.
  11. Job interviews
  12. When the gynecologist brings in the witness
    I'm sure there's a better name than witness but it's the person that makes sure there's no funny business going on while I get my lady parts checked out. I'm actually uncomfortable before that but this last time it was a girl that had kicked me out of a party in high school. Ha.