Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. Trips to Holiday World
    My favorite amusement park for many reasons. It's just under 1.5 hours from me. The Voyage rivals the Beast from King's Island. Their new steel coaster is so fun. Last but not least - their water park is AMAZING. Two water coasters, fun as fuck lazy river, and I've been known to make a trip just so I can soak in the wave pool on hot summer days.
  2. Baseball games at Victory Field
    The best ballpark in the minor (Triple A) leagues. Nothing better than sitting in the sun, beer in hand, sunglasses on mah face watching the boys of summer.
  3. Drinking Horchata
    My favorite summertime bev. Locate your closest taqueria and indulge.
  4. Summer concerts at Deer Creek
    My favorite amphitheater to see a summer show. So far I have a ticket to see Hall & Oates there.
  5. Summer concerts at the Lawn
    This would be my favorite outside venue but their only bathroom options are port-a-potties.
  6. Family vacation to Gulf Shores
    Dunno if I'll be able to go but it's an annual thing and we love it.
  7. My best friend's grill skills.
    She's alotta Italian so her cooking skills are fire and she grills out a lot and invites me over on the reg to enjoy! YAS.