1. The not-so-kitten caused me to spill a fresh cup of coffee on my vagina today.
    It was an awful experience and I had on two layers between coffee and skin.
  2. My mom has been house/animal sitting for my sister. I'm filling in for my mom.
    Taking care of all of the animals and the house is exhausting. How does she do it? And I am responsible for making my dad his supper. I am not a great meal planner. Tonight we had jalapeño poppers, broccoli and cheese, and lessuer peas.
  3. I have to go provide a urine sample tomorrow.
    I've never done this before. I am so nervous!
  4. I have accepted a job offer in Indianapolis but they're waiting on my drug test results.
  5. When I pass, my start date will be June 6th. Which is hilarious because that's the date I was laid off from my previous position in 2014.
    That's crazy.
  6. I have an apartment picked out & reserved. They're just waiting on my offer letter from my new place of employment.
  7. I am stressing!!!
    Never had to pee for anyone, haven't been a professional for almost two years, new place, new colleagues, will I be everything they want and more?
  8. The apartment won't be ready til my sister's birthday, August 12th.
  9. My friend who recommended me for the position is going to let me stay with her until then.
  10. Did I mention I am stressed, sad, nervous?
  11. Outside of my family, I've only had roommate and that ended badly. I was also 20 years old.
    Hopefully I've matured since then.
  12. I am sad to leave my local friends and especially my parents.
    After losing my grandparents, I have kept a real close eye on the rents. I don't ever want them to leave me alone on this planet. And my local friends are flakes. They'll never come see me.
  13. I am excited though.
  14. I get to reunite with several close friends that live in Indianapolis. Four of my best girl friends and one of my best dudes are there.
  15. I will have lots of fun going to concerts and sporting events.
  16. Lots of cities will be awesome and not a bad drive to get to.
    Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati
  17. Oh another sad point is that I'll be living without my cats until I can move into my apartment.
  18. So anyways, new changes are on the horizon.
  19. But first, let me pass this urinalysis.